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Hermes Birkin Handbag

Hermes Birkin Handbag

Hermes Birkin Handbag Buying Tips

These tip can help when you want to buy a Hermes Birkin Handbag

Purses, totes, handbags or whatever you call them are not just a convenient place to keep important things, they are a fashion statement like the that shows others whether you are “in the know” about the latest in handbags. Naturally, you style shows through no matter what kind of purse/handbag you carry, but having the cream of the crop is one way to let others know you have good taste. Here are some interesting facts about the Hermes Birkin handbag, what celebrities carry them and the popular models of today.

There is a history behind the handbags manufactured by Hermes Birkin . They were named for a very famous singer/actress named Jane Birkin from France. It is rumored to have come about when Ms. Birkin was travelling by plane when her handbag fell and revealed the contents as they spilled out. It happened that the president of Hermes was sitting next to her and saw the incident. He offered to create a line of handbags in her name. She drew what she considered to be the perfect handbag and so the hermes birkin handbag was born. These handbags quickly gained popularity due to the popularity of Jane Birkin.

Celebrities like Oprah, Martha Stewart, Ingrid Bergman, Jacke Kennedy, Grace Kelly ( thus the Hermes Kelly Bag ), and other royalty have used and still carry the Hermes Birkin handbag. Hermes Birkin bags have been mentioned many times in movies and television shows all over the world. They are quite expensive and as they age, they become even more expensive. This makes them not only the perfect handbags; it also makes them collectible which makes them worth the price. Fashionistas recommend them due to the fact that Hermes Birkin are high in demand in the fashion field.

Some of the most popular models include the Hermes Birkin black crocodile bag, the Birkin beige alligator bag, the Birkin Fushcia crocodile bag and the Birkin pink ostrich bag. Many of today’s celebrities carry various versions of the hermes birkin handbag as well as use the other items that Hermes manufactures. When it comes to style, the Hermes Birkin handbag make the perfect choice for women all over the world because they go with today's latest clothing fashions.

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